Soap Opera Digest : Tech Crunch : Robert Palmer Watkins

Soap Opera Digest: As Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon) settles in to life at GH, he has taken advantage of both high-tech and low-tech options for increasing his workplace productivity. On the low end, he explains, “Kirsten (Storms, Maxie) noticed that I’d been carrying my scripts in my hand, kind of disorganized, that I was losing pages, and I didn’t have the right highlighters and stuff like that. She was like, “I’m going online right now and I’m buying you everything you need to be organized!” She bought me a new binder with all of these folders inside to I can organize my scripts, it has sticky not tags so I can separate the scenes I’m in, and she got me a variety pack of highlighters. It was so sweet of her and it’s totally made a difference.” On the more cutting edge side, he and his co-stars have been using Skype to rehearse from home. “It’s so awesome because we can be on our phones, but still see the person and get an idea of how they’re going to do their lines. The first time I did that was with Emme Rylan (Lulu) and it worked out so great, I started doing it with Kirsten, as well.”

Soap Opera Digest : Robert Palmer Watkins

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